Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Sony KDS-R60XBR1 SXRD 1080p RPTV

Here is my fav Rear Projection HDTV, the Sony SXRD model KDS-R60XBR1.

An excellent review from ultimate AV concludes:

Physically impressive, with a distinctively superior picture to match, Sony's new KDS-R60XBR1 sets the standard for large screen rear projection television. It beats the images produced by any large screen LCD RPTV I've seen (including Sony's), offering subjectively CRT-like black level and contrast ratio, richly saturated, natural colors, and levels of detail only a full 1920x1080 chip (or three) can produce. For now, it appears that only JVC's new 1080p LCoS sets offer these SXRD sets any competition—at least technically.

The high gain screen grain and perhaps some intrinsic noise are the only serious complaints I have about this set's picture performance. That said, if you mostly watch DVDs on a good CRT based RPTV, I'm not sure you'd gain enough to make trading up to a set like this worthwhile.

Nevertheless, with this level of performance priced at $5000 for a 60" display, predictions of the demise of rear projection television are wishful thinking at best. Show me a 60"plasma or LCD flat panel display priced at $5000 that delivers this kind of picture quality, and I'll reconsider. For now, this set appears to put Sony back on top. It's really something special.

Full Review here


If you're thinking Rear Projection, go no farther than Sony's SXRD offerings.

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